World Lithuanian University

VMU World Lithuanian University (WLU) is dedicated to fostering the scholarly works, creations and intellectual discussions of world Lithuanians. It is a platform whose projects, initiatives and ideas aim both to continue the work started in 1989 by Prof. Algirdas Avižienis, Prof. Bronius Vaškelis, Valdas Adamkus, Prof. Kęstutis Skrupskelis and other world Lithuanians who contributed to the re-establishment of the university, and to foster the ideas proposed at that time.

The VMU World Lithuanian University is a space for developing the practical imagination and intellectual capacity of Lithuanians around the world, stimulating their thinking, and fostering their Lithuanian identity. WLU activities are also deeply rooted in Lithuanian diaspora history, sociological and anthropological study of Lithuanian migration and Lithuanian diaspora identity.

The mission of the World Lithuanian University is to bring together the active intellectual leaders of the Lithuanian diaspora and promote a sense of community and common cause among them.