VMU uniting Lithuanian language enthusiasts from all around the globe


On the 17th of July, the Lithuanian Language and Culture Course (VMU) will once again continue its mission of uniting Lithuanian language enthusiasts from all around the globe. The course is beloved by global Lithuanian community members, people tracing their family tree, and foreigners who want to learn more about the rich and interesting Lithuanian history, as well as possibly… talk to their Lithuanian partner in his or her mother tongue.

The Lithuanian Language and Culture Course is no less than a lift-off point for one’s personal life goals and a virtual door opening international opportunities – participants often become Lithuanian language ambassadors in their countries, gain useful connections, participate in global projects, and create families.

Online summer course posibilities

The course at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) has been organized for more than 20 years in Vilnius and Kaunas. However, now it offers remote access, making it possible for people to attend classes from wherever they are at that moment. You are only required to have a good internet connection, and preferably neighbors who are not going through some repair work in their apartment. The global pandemic encouraged remote learning – last summer we taught students from more than 30 different countries. When preparing the course program, we also take into account different time zones – students successfully balance lectures with studies and work.

This summer, the online course is being organized for the third time. Both new and already familiar participants are welcome to participate. We want the remote courses to be equally engaging as the real-life ones. Therefore, we arrange virtual visits to Lithuanian museums, Opera and Ballet Theater, invite students to take part in various quizzes, sing Lithuanian songs together, make “pink soup” online, attend history and philosophy lectures.

Reasons for choosing Lithuania for this summer

There is a variety of reasons that bring students to our course: the importance of the Lithuanian language when integrating into the local labor market, study opportunities, Erasmus+ exchanges, Baltic study programs, family members, and partners living in Lithuania.

“I have been living in Lithuania for a year now,” says Antonio, a Mexican Business Logistics student at VMU. “I had the pleasure of attending both summer and winter courses. The intensity of the courses, the creativity of the teachers, and the possibility to use the Lithuanian language every day exceeded my expectations. I look forward to using my Lithuanian language skills in my work environment as soon as possible.”

“What immediately comes to mind when I think about the Lithuanian Language and Culture Courses is the lesson about our pets,” – recalls an Erasmus+ exchange student Elias. “I will not lie, the Lithuanian language is not one of the easiest ones: cases, word stresses, pronunciation of certain sounds… Yet, this did not stop us – a group of 10 foreigners – from discussing, sharing fun stories, asking questions.” The Austrian student says he did not hesitate and started searching for Lithuanian language courses as soon as he got invited to participate in the Erasmus+ program. “Language is a gateway to experiencing any culture.”

How to apply?

Last year, more than 125 students from around the world took part in this course. An even larger number of participants is expected this year. Seize the opportunity and sign up for the Lithuanian Language and Culture Course now.

Anyone wishing to apply for a scholarship must register by April 11th. The application form is open to other course participants until June 11th.

You can find the registration form and more information about the course here: http://balticsummeruniversity.com/