Summer course “Refresh in Lithuania”

Summer course “Refresh on Lithuania took place in at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, 2010-2013. The course was created for people of Lithuanian descent who wished to forge closer ties to Lithuania either by improving their Lithuanian language skills or by learning more about Lithuanian culture and history, as well as social, economic, and political conditions.

The purpose of the VMU Summer Course was to bring together Lithuanians from all over the world, especially those of student age, to help them establish or renew contact with their family’s homeland and to learn more about what is going on in Lithuania today.

During the course participants learned about and discussed Lithuanian history, politics, and economics as well as questions, such as:
What does it mean to be Lithuanian?
What is the identity of world Lithuanians and what is their shared experience?
What are our family’s immigration stories?
What does Lithuanianness mean to a person who is born and/or raised outside of Lithuania’s borders?