“Smart Practice Lab”: Summer Internship Programme (SIP)


It is an “experience-based” four-week internship programme, which offers students a possibility to explore the world of ideas, using interactive and creativity techniques by solving the real challenges of organizations. The programme is implemented by the VMU Centre for Enterprise Practice (National winner and top 3 nominee in the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, 2018). www.verslopraktikos.lt

Internship placements are based on the “Smart Practice” concept, including the following key elements:

Group work in interdisciplinary teams (4-6 persons), solving real and challenging cases of organizations (it could be any case from our 100-partner network: including Kaunas City Municipality, most successful business companies, NGOs, culture or social institutions);
Personal entrepreneurial competences development approach (Experience reflection);
Individual and group mentoring and couching;
Case-solving using creative and project-based methods and techniques (“Design Thinking”; “Lego Serious Play”; “Experience Design”; “MethodKit”).

Internship placements are provided for students in their chosen fields and area of interests, best competencies and skills, including art, creative industries, finance and economics, politics and international relations, medicine and social work, communication and public relations, marketing, advertising, IT, etc.

This programme offers:

  • Intensive 3-day summer bootcamp on creative techniques and methodologies;
  • Internship placements based on the “Smart Practice” concept (Solving organization’s challenge in interdisciplinary team of 4-6 students);
  • Toolbox of creative methods (“Design Thinking®”, “Lego Serious Play®”, “Business Model Canvas®”, “Method Kit®”, “Points of you®”,
  • “Personal Business Model You®”);
  • Personal and group mentorship during the programme;
  • Practice to work in interdisciplinary and international team, solving real challenges;
  • Visits to the partner institutions – companies and organizations;
  • Getting to know the university and modern Lithuania;
  • Introductory day at VMU;
  • Cultural program and trips (optional);
  • 10 ECTS credits and VMU certificates. 

Registration for 2019 programme is open!