Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas Space in Vilnius Open to WLU Companions


The World Lithuanian University (WLU) of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) invites to organize activities at the Vilnius representative office of VMU located on Žygimantų St. This space (apartment) formerly owned by Lithuanian expatriates Lion and Francoise Mockūnas was donated to Vytautas Magnus University by the will of Francoise Mockūnas in 2010 following her husband’s passing. In the same year, to commemorate Liūtas Mockūnas and his contribution to the expatriate and Lithuanian public life, the Lion and Francoise Mockūnas Scholarship for VMU students was established.

Mockūnas’ Assistance to the Reviving Lithuania

For over two decades, the Mockūnas family hosted scientists, researchers, academics, and artists from Lithuania in Chicago. For nine years, they ran the Lithuanian restaurant “Nida,” and later gatherings took place around the Mockūnas’ home, fostering camaraderie and friendship, with visitors often referring to their meetings as part of the “Nida Club.”

Writers, journalists, actors, basketball players, VMU Lithuanian Emigration Institute researchers Egidijus Aleksandravičius, Daiva Dapkutė, Dalia Kuizinienė, historian Alfred Erich Senn, Jolanta and Leonidas Donskis, to name a few, were among the many individuals supported by the Mockūnas, demonstrating the spirit of generosity and unseen assistance to the revitalizing Lithuania.

The Mission and Organization of Activities in the Mockūnas Space

The Mockūnas Space became the first VMU representation in Vilnius where WLU and various university department activities take place. The space houses a memorial exhibition of Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas, including family furniture, books, photographs, paintings, and artworks.

By transferring the property on Žygimantų St. to the university, Francoise Mockūnas stipulated that it be used for activities related to the Lithuanian diaspora. Therefore, in collaboration with the university, we cordially invite the organization of chamber-type events, interviews, discussions, filming, book presentations, related to the Lithuanian diaspora and migration issues.

This space also serves as a small Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas museum, welcoming students and all interested parties. Those who wish to acquaint themselves with the life and work of Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas are invited to the educational program “The Spirit of Generosity in the Lithuanian Diaspora: Lessons from Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnas.”

The Vilnius representative office of VMU accommodates about 20 people, with 20 folding chairs, a writing board, work tables, a computer, and a printer available for events.


For reservations, please contact the space coordinator Rūta Pūraitė at

For information about the Mockūnas Space and its activities, follow the VMU World Lithuanian University website or subscribe to the newsletter.