A conversation about sports in the diaspora with Laurynas Misevičius


Sport in the Lithuanian diaspora has long been and remains a unifying factor for communities, bringing together different generations and overcoming worldview and other barriers that divide communities.

Through the activities of sports organizations, clubs, competitions, and prominent figures, a Lithuanian environment is created in the diaspora, providing opportunities for communication and fostering interpersonal relationships.

We discussed this with Laurynas Misevičius, former longtime leader of the Lithuanian Physical Education and Sports Association of North America (ŠALFASS) and chairman of the Sports Affairs Commission of the World Lithuanian Community (PLB).

Also present at the event were the track and field athlete, discus thrower Virgilijus Alekna, and the Lithuanian-American basketball player Derek Molis with his daughter Cammie Molis.

The discussion was moderated by historian Dr. Egidijus Balandis.

During the discussion, we talked about the potential of sports to connect Lithuanian diaspora members, how sports competitions facilitate building relationships and solidarity among Lithuanians living in different countries, and we considered the opportunities that sports offer for cooperation between Lithuania and the Lithuanian diaspora.

The conversation took place on March 22 at the Vytautas Magnus University representative office in Vilnius (L. and F. Mockūnai space).