VMU World Lithuanian University offers internship opportunities


If you are a student, interested in Lithuanian diaspora projects, would you be also interested in partaking in an internship at the VMU World Lithuanian University (WLU)?

Internship at WLU will provide a chance to glance at the current Lithuanian diaspora affairs, as WLU contributes to diaspora projects and initiatives run by a collective of partners from non-governmental and governmental organizations in Lithuania and foreign countries.

If you desire to add your touch to the Lithuanian diaspora projects at WLU and if you are interested in expanding your organizational, copywriting, marketing, academic writing, and communication skills, this is the place for you.

During the internship at VMU World Lithuanian University participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Develop VMU World Lithuanian University’s education projects;
  • Organize local and international events and projects;
  • Coordinate between the student body, faculty, historians, researchers, and world Lithuanians on associated projects;
  • Manage VMU World Lithuanian’s social media channels.

A WLU intern should have good communication (speaking and writing) skills, and be fluent in Lithuanian and/or English. If English is your first language, Lithuanian language skills are desirable.

If you see yourself in these activities and interests, please send us your résumé with a short motivational letter by email: egle.luksaite@vdu.lt.