Lecture by Assoc. prof. Dr. Rūstis Kamuntavičius “Lithuanian signs in Europe”

Rūstis Kamuntavičius is Phd., associate professor at History department and head of the Czesław Miłosz Center at Vytautas Magnus University. The Center is studying history, politics and culture of East-Central European states. Director of the Institute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which organizes researches on history and legacy of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and acts as a promotor of the notion of common past among Lithuanians, Poles, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

During his academic career, he has interned in various scientific and research institutions of European countries (Italy, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland).

In the lecture “Lithuanian signs in Europe” the historian reviewed circumstances of Lithuania’s historical relations with various European countries and Lithuanian signs as their evidence.