Online Lithuanian Language and Culture Courses for foreigners of Lithuanian origin


Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) organises its second online edition of Lithuanian Language and Culture Course! After twenty years of contact courses, we have successfully launched an online course this very summer, and welcomed over 100 participants from around 30 countries.

The winter programme which is going to take place from 4 January 2021 to 2 February 2021, is designed for both, those who just begin to explore Lithuanian language and culture, and those who have already started their journey before or want to revive their skills.

Tuition waiver for children, grandchildren, great–grandchildren of Lithuanians living abroad and foreigners of the Lithuanian origin is available (5 places).

Application deadline for foreigners of Lithuanian origin —November 13, 2020



Eligibility requirements for candidates of Lithuanian origin:

1.All the candidates from the group “Lithuanians and foreigners of Lithuanian origin” must:

  • Be of Lithuanian language proficiency no higher than C1.
  • Must comply with one of the criteria below:
    • to be an active member of the Lithuanian community abroad;
    • work in an institution of Lithuanian education abroad as a teacher or lecturer.

2. Priority (and extra points) will be given to the applicants who:

  • apply for the Lithuanian and culture courses for the first time;
  • formally or informally study Lithuanian language, history and culture as a subject at home institution (a document confirming it must be added to the application form, independent studies of Lithuanian language shall not fall under this category).

3. Candidates can only take advantage of the tuition waiver for the maximum of 3 times in total. Those who apply to participate for the fourth time will not be considered.

Please note: the results of the selection process for foreigners and foreigners of Lithuanian origin shall be announced around the end of November– beginning of December, once we receive the approval from the Education Exchanges Support Foundation.