Meeting with prof. A. E. Senn – a conversation about historical figures as people


US historian of Lithuanian-Swiss origin prof. Alfred Erich Senn, while visiting VMU, held a lecture “Heroes of history as people”, in which he told not only about his life, family, but also meetings with interesting historical figures.

The professor shared a unique experience of how the living history method can be used to find out and examine unknown facts. Historian prof. A. E. Sennas, considered one of the most important history researchers of Lithuania in the 20th century, say that historical facts are never “dry”, beneath them you can always discover a person and reveal an attitude to a specific situation.

Professor is known in the USA and Lithuania. A. E. Senn compiled and prepared for the press the consul’s diary, which was published by the prestigious Amsterdam publishing house “Rodopi” (“Lithuania in the 1920s. A Diplomat’s Diary”). This book reveals the life in Kaunas at that time, the daily life of the temporary capital, intriguing portraits and the behind-the-scenes of the presidency.