L. and F. Mockūnai Space Welcomes Guests from Žasliai School


On June 6th L. and F. Mockūnai space in Vilnius was visited by 8th grade pupils of Žasliai School (Kaišiadoriai district), who participated in the informal VMU World Lithuanian University diasporic education program “Challenges of Lithuanian identity and family stories” this academic year. After successfully completing this program, the students were invited to the education “Spirit of nobility in the Lithuanian diaspora: lessons of L. and F. Mockūnai”.

During the education, the students got acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to the memory of Liūtas and Francoise Mockūnai, heard about patronage, philanthropy in the diaspora, the example of the Mockūnas family, their activities in Chicago and after returning to Lithuania. While solving the crossword, they checked their knowledge about the Lithuanian diaspora.

We thank the young diaspora researchers and their teachers!