International Students to Do Summer Internships at VMU


On 29 June – 7 August, VMU will be organising two internship programs, LISS and SIP, which will draw in a large crowd of youths from all over the world.

This year’s participants of the Summer Internship Program (SIP) are 16 students from Gabon, Spain, South Korea, France, Turkey, Ukraine and Germany.

The Lithuanian International Student Services (LISS) is organised by VMU and the Lithuanian-American Community. Its aim is to bring in students who live on the other side of the Atlantic. This year, 17 U.S. students will do their internships in Lithuania as part of this program. In six years, LISS has brought in over 200 young people.

The internship is six-week long (29 June – 7 August). The program includes the introductory week, Lithuanian language courses and cultural events, which will provide the visitors with a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with the history, culture, customs and traditions of Lithuania, and see the country’s most beautiful corners, such as Vilnius, Trakai, Rumšiškės, Pažaislis Monastery, VMU Kaunas Botanical Garden.

The program’s participants will be able to do internships at companies and institutions which are VMU partners, e.g. Kaunas City Municipality, healthcare institutions, museums, non-governmental organisations. Students will choose the place for their internship in various fields: finance and economics, politics and international relations, medicine and social work, communication and public relations, marketing, advertising, technology, law, engineering etc. After successfully ending the internship and defending the final thesis, participants will be awarded 6 ECTS credits.