Dr. Evelina Gužauskytė Public Lectures at VMU


VMU Vytautas Kavolis Interdisciplinary Professorship welcomes Evelina Gužauskytė, a guest of the Dana Gedvila Fund who is a Lithuanian literary scholar and culturologist from Boston (USA).

Gužauskytė is a tenured Associate Professor at Wellesley College where she specializes in colonial and early independent Latin America, with a particular focus on visual and cultural studies, the history of fashion, postcolonial and decolonial studies, women’s and gender studies, and digital humanities.

Gužauskytė is the author of the books “Christopher Columbus’s Naming in the diarios of the Four Voyages (1492-1504): A Discourse of Negotiation” and (forthcoming) “Imperial Gaze, Local Narratives: The Politics of Female Fashion in New Spain Casta Paintings”.

From May 7th to 14th, E. Gužauskytė will be lecturing at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts of Vytautas Magnus University. On May 11th, she will participate in events of the Kaunas Literature Week.

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Dr. E. Gužauskytė’s teaching visit at VMU runs under the VMU Vytautas Kavolis interdisciplinary Professorship program. Professorship scholarship has been established by the Dana Gedvila Fund, which is administered by the Lithuanian Foundation. Kavolis Interdisciplinary Professorship is a cooperation program dedicated to the visits of Lithuanian diaspora lecturers at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU). It aims to strengthen both the interdisciplinary approach in the study programs and the ties with the Lithuanian diaspora academic community.