Vytautas Kavolis Interdisciplinary Professorship


Vytautas Magnus University has created a Vytautas Kavolis Interdisciplinary Professorship, which invites Lithuanian diaspora lecturers for short-term teaching visits.

Kavolis Interdisciplinary Professorship is a cooperation program dedicated to the visits of Lithuanian diaspora lecturers at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU). It aims to strengthen both the interdisciplinary approach in the study programs and the ties with the Lithuanian diaspora academic community.

Continuing the traditions of a diasporic university (since 1989), Vytautas Magnus University seeks to promote not only the exchange of intellectual capital between Lithuania and the diaspora, but also the coexistence of the academic and intellectual community of World Lithuanians. In order to achieve such goals, VMU together with its partners organized the World Lithuanian Symposium on Arts and Sciences in 2019, and this year, the university organized the Lithuanian Education Forum and the World Lithuanian Communities’ Forum, also dedicating the month of October to the Lithuanian diaspora and getting to know it better.

In the case of Kavolis Professorship, the interdisciplinarity of the studies, the principles of Artes Liberales and Kavolis’s approach to education and studies become the pivot of the creation of the coexistence and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

In order to develop students’ interdisciplinary thinking and to promote the Kavolian principle of self-discovery and the dissemination of accumulated knowledge in the community, the content of the visiting programs will be offered to students from at least several different disciplines.

The 2-3 week visiting program can be made up of lectures, seminars, workshops or consultations in different VMU study programs; it can also be made up of public events as well as a separate intensive study course in a specific study program.

Lithuanian diaspora lecturers are invited to teach in the following joint fields (but not limited to them) of the professorship program:

  • Joint field of History, Literature and Academic Writing;
  • Joint field of Sociology of Diaspora and Migration, Anthropology, History and Political Science;
  • Joint field of Environmental Protection, Culture, Comparative Civilizations and Psychology;
  • Joint field of Organizational Culture, Arts and Political Science;
  • Joint field of Human Rights, History, Philosophy and Information Systems;
  • Joint field of Arts and Science, Technology and Society Studies;
  • Joint field of Sustainable Development, Digital Transformation, and Creativity and Innovation.

According to the provisions of the professorship, the funding is provided for visits by visiting Lithuanian diaspora academics with an associate professor, professor or equivalent position.

Professorship scholarships have been established by the Dana Gedvila Fund, which is administered by the Lithuanian Foundation.

Guests of Dana Gedvila Fund who already visited VMU:
philosopher prof. Saulius Geniušas (Hong Kong), sociologist, migration researcher dr. Violetta Parutis (UK), anthropologist prof. Eunice Blavascunas (USA), political scientist dr. Darius Udrys (USA), technology philosopher dr. Martín Parselis (Argentina), literary scholar and culturologist dr. Evelina Gužauskytė (USA).

If you have any questions, please contact us at ingrida.dacioliene@vdu.lt