Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky

Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky
University of Alberta

Dr. Andriy Nahachewsky occupied the Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography (1990–2018) at the University of Alberta in Canada and served as founding Director of the Kule Centre for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore (2001–2016). He also served as the Curator of the Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives, a large multimedia repository of resources on Ukrainian culture.

He was the Principal Investigator of a large fieldwork project, Local Culture and Diversity on the Prairies, producing an archive of conversations with people who remembered local prairie community life prior to 1939.

A. Nahachewsky has conducted fieldwork projects on Ukrainian culture in Ukraine and in ten countries of the Ukrainian diaspora. His current project explores storytelling strategies in a large corpus of narratives about Ukrainian immigration to Canada and Brazil from 1891–1914.

Domėjimosi sritys

Ethnographic methodology, diaspora, the Ukrainian Canadian experience, Ukrainian dance, Ukrainian traditions in the twentieth century.